Brax now provides Gemini performance by site in the campaign manager of each campaign under the Sites tab. On this tab you will see all spend data by site and be able to modify the bid for some sites. Do note some sites do not allow bid modification and are simply labeled as OTHERS. This is a limitation set by Gemini.

Gemini allows you to set these modifications at the campaign level or ad group level. If an ad group does use the same settings as the campaign. Modifying that ad groups bid for a specific site changes all other ad groups inheriting that campaigns settings as well.

To modify the site bid for an ad group individually, the check box titled " Use campaign level settings" must be unchecked. This will allow you to make that change for that specific ad group.

This difference is noted in the Adjust Bid column by the words Campaign or Ad Group. If you see it labeled as Ad Group that means this ad group does not use its parent campaigns settings and changing the modifier will only change for that ad group. If its labeled Campaign, this means changing that ad groups bid modifier will change for it, the campaign and any other ad group using that campaigns settings.

The maximum modification increase is +800% and the maximum decrease modification is -80%.

You can using Brax matching logic to have other imported data show along side your publisher performance report. To do this use the recommended tracking set up found in our help documentation for Gemini. Contact support for help on this.

For more help with this feature, contact support.

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