Duplicating a campaign is a great way to speed up your workflow. You can keep all the settings of an existing campaign while testing minor changes, or  you can easily AB test by changing the landing page your users see.


From the campaigns menu, click the duplicate icon for the campaign you want to copy.

The new campaign maintains all your original settings, while adding "(copy)" to the title. Here you can edit all your campaign settings (except the source) before launching. 

By default, it starts enabled, with the start date reset to "immediately". 

Be sure to double check your device settings! If the campaign you want to copy has mobile or tablet traffic enabled, without selecting any operating systems, all 3 boxes will be checked.

If your campaign has a tracking code, it will be copied over with your other settings. Otherwise, your default tracking code will be used instead.

 Once you're happy with your changes, hit save and it's done! 

Keep in mind that this only copies the campaign itself, and you'll still need to push ads to it before it can start running.

*Yahoo only: Not only can you keep all your settings, you can also edit your "Yahoo Ad group details" as if you were launching a new campaign from scratch.

For more help with setting up a campaign, click here.


The following fields are not passed over to the duplicated campaign:

  • Schedules
  • Device Selection
  • Geo-targeting
  • Block Publisher & Sections
  • Tracking Codes
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