Here are some common reasons why you might not see your data in Brax.

How much time has it been since you connected?
It could take up to 1 hour for Brax to pull your data from the source, please check back after 1 hour and if you do not see data, check these other reasons.

Is the account turned on?
It is possible you connected the source but you did not turn it on. To ensure it is on:

  1. Click your email in the top right.
  2. Click on integrations.
  3. The account should say On with a green button on the left hand side of the integrations table.
  4. If not, turn it on. If so, check these other reasons.

Did someone already connect to this account?
Brax, by default only allows one Brax account to connect to one source account. If you are attempting to turn the source on and get this message:
"Unable to Save. We've detected that the partner account you are connecting is already connected to a Brax account. If you believe you've reached this message in error, please email"
This means you will need to contact us to allow multiple connections.

If none of these reasons match, please contact support.

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