You can automate changes to your CPC Bid and Budget through our Scheduler. To set a schedule, open the Edit Campaign page for any campaign by clicking on the Campaign name.

Next, click Edit to open the Edit Campaign page.

The Schedule is a combination of Days, Time, and Actions. The following is a list of Actions available in Brax:

Enable Campaign:  Sets Campaign Enabled to On

Disable Campaign:  Sets Campaign Enabled to Off

Set Budget To:  Sets Budget to the Amount you enter

Set CPC To: Sets Campaign CPC to the Amount you enter

Click Add New to create a new row, and select a Day, Hour, Minutes, and Action. For CPC and Budget, makes sure you enter in a new amount. To remove a schedule, simply click the X next to the line you wish to remove.

Once you have finished setting your schedule, click Save to save your changes.


  • No Two alike actions can overlap (i.e. Monday at 10:00am change CPC to .05 and Monday @ 10:00am change CPC to .20)
  • A Budget and CPC change can happen at the same time.
  • Minimum or Maximum CPC / Budget cannot be passed (i.e. if minimum is $0.03, then you cannot adjust down to $0.02 or $0.00 etc..).
  • All changes are saved once the "Save" Button is pressed.
  • Not currently available for Yahoo Gemini
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