First off, I highly recommend you read this great article written by our awesome team.

Now that you've brushed up on the esscentials, let's go over some common mistakes. The most common reason that data doesn't appear is usually due to what utm_campaign passes through. If it doesn't match the campaign name, nor the campaign ID, your data won't match up. For this reason, we recommend using :



utm_campaign={campaign_id} if using Taboola
utm_campaign={{cid}} if using Outbrain
utm_campaign={BOOST_ID} if using Revcontent
utm_campaign={campaignid} if using Yahoo Gemini
utm_campaign={cid} if using


My Data is here, but not the newest numbers!
Unless our queues get really backed up, we expect to be pulling your GA data every 3 hours. If your data was recently refreshed, please allow some time for the data to update.

One of my campaigns doesn't have any GA data!
Double check that you don't have any spaces in front or at the end of your campaign name, as this will cause errors when pulling data.

Is there a way to remove the tracking from the creative group without having to upload a  new creative group?
hat's no problem! Just click, delete, and save. Keep in mind, this will take effect next time you push the ad group. 

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