Reporting data is displayed in the timezone that the networks provide through their API.

  • Outbrain - EST
  • Taboola - User Defined (EST Recommended)
  • Revcontent - EST
  • Yahoo - User Defined (EST Recommended)
  • - PST

We strongly recommend that you set each network to EST in order to have the data match up across networks. is the exception and will only display data in the PST time zone.

Also, you can set your time zone in Brax. We recommend to set this to EST as well so that the decisions you make based of the reporting data will align with the actions you take. This is the best way to minimize any data discrepancies.

For Example:

Using reporting you determine the best time to raise CPC is at 10:00am EST.

- If your Brax Time zone is set to EST you can make any scheduled changes at 10:00am.

- If your Brax time zone is set to PST, you will have to make the scheduled change at 7:00am.

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