You can adjust your bid by Publisher for your Taboola Campaigns within the Brax interface. 

Navigate to the Campaign Manager screen for the campaign you wish to adjust publisher bids for and click on the Sites tab. 

In-line edit the bid by clicking on the blue text in the Adjust Bid column. Open the dropdown and make your selection. You can adjust your bid anywhere from -50% to +50%. Click the Checkbox to confirm your bid.

Pausing & Resuming

Our system works by sending an API request to Taboola for which sites to block. The request we send contains a list of all the sites you want to block.  This is done when you press the play button and it starts to rotate. As it's spinning, we are waiting for them to send a response. The response we get from Taboola should state all the sites we told them to block. 

*In some cases, if the system seems to be not pausing, this is because they will respond but the site we told them to block is not listed in the return call. We believe this means that site is actually no longer available and therefore should no longer be showing impressions moving forward.

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