To duplicate an Creative Group, access the Creatives page by clicking on the Creatives link on the left, and then click on the name of the creative group you wish to duplicate.

If you would like to make any edits to the group before you duplicate it, you may do so now. You can in-line edit the following elements of a Creative Group:

  • Name
  • Tracking
  • Headline
  • URL

You can also duplicate individual Ads within the Creative Group by clicking on the Blue duplicate icon. Or, if you wish to delete an Ad, click the Red trash can icon. Once you have finished editing your Creative Group, click Duplicate in the top right corner.

The duplicated creative group will be named the same as the original + (copy) appended to the end of it. You can rename it now if you like. Once you have finished reviewing the group, click Save to save the group.

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