Create Ads for Yahoo by clicking on the New Ads button and selecting New Yahoo Ads.

Fill out the following:

Creative Group Name: This will be the name of the Creative Group that will appear in Creatives after you save it

Destination URL: This Destination URL will be applied to all Ads. However, you can edit the URLs of individual ads after the group is created. Be sure to begin the URL with https:// or https://

Tracking Code: If you have Ad Tag Defaults set up, the Tracking Code will already be filled out. If you do not, enter your Ad Level Tags here.

Company Name: Enter the Company Name of the ad.

Display URL: This is the url of the company that will appear near the bottom of the ad.

Titles: These will be the headlines of your ads. Enter up to 10 Titles at 50 characters maximum for each. Click More Titles to add more.

Descriptions: Enter the description of the ad at 150 character maximum for each.

Upload images: For images stored on your computer, click Upload or drag/drop them. To enter the Image URLs, click Image URLS and type them in. To remove an image, simply click the image and click Remove.

Click on an image to edit it. You can Crop and Resize your images, as well as adjust the following properties through the Brax image editor:

  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Brightness

For a complete list of Yahoo Content Best Practices click here:

Once you are satisfied with the images, click Next.

Select which Account, and Campaigns that you wish to push the to, and click "Upload" to push now, or "Schedule" them for the future! Click "Save" to come back to them later if you're not sure when you want to push. Brax will create a new ad group using the settings as the selected ad group and push the ad creatives to it. Your new ad group name will be your Brax creative group name with a timestamp.

If you wish to Save the Group without pushing it to a Campaign, click Save

Yahoo Gemini Tips

A couple things you need to understand when pushing Brax creative groups to your Yahoo campaigns.

Only native campaigns in Yahoo are available in Brax. None of the search campaigns will show up.

The recommended image size is 1200x627 - smaller images will work as long as they have a 1:1 aspect ratio. They also require a smaller 627x627 image.

The Yahoo Gemini API limits each ad group to 10 ads.

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