The power editor is a quick way to make changes across many campaigns at once. You can access it by clicking on "Power Editor".    If this is your first time using the power editor, visit this article to get a general idea of how it works:

Alright, let's jump into things! Get started by downloading your campaign data. This data will be in the form of an xlsx file, viewable with Excel or Google Docs. 

When you open it up, you'll see several columns. There are a lot of them, so let's take a moment to go through each one. We'll cover them in sections so it's easier to read.


You'll notice a lot of these fields are the same as when you create a campaign normally in Brax. When making changes, use your previous campaigns as a template. Alternatively, you can remove the rows that you don't want to update. This lets you focus on just the campaigns you're working on.

Action (Do not skip!)

This is a smartsheet, and the "Action" column lets us know what you want to do with the editor. You must select either "create" or "update" for every row. If you want to duplicate a campaign, copy it to a new row and select the option "create". You'll also need to enter the Ad Group Name to get some ads running. Keep in mind that if you are targeting website status and prices, those will not be duplicated over.

Account Name:

Set the connected account used within Revcontent. Keep in mind this may not be your account with Brax.

Brax Ad Group Name

When creating or updating a new campaign, type in the name of the ad group you'd like to use, and the ads within that group will be uploaded to the selected campaign.

Campaign ID

This references existing campaigns within Brax. Do not edit this field.

Campaign Name

This will be the name of the campaign. As usual, make sure you use good naming conventions!


Chose "true" to have the campaign active, and "false" to have it paused.


Enter or update your bid here. Do not include a dollar sign. You won't be warned if you make a typo, so make sure you check your work.

Bid Type

This will either be "cpc"(Cost Per Click) or "cpv"(Cost Per Milli). Once  launched, you can't change this setting, so only change this field when creating new campaigns. Otherwise, leave it be.


Enter your tracking code or copy from another campaign. If left empty during creation, Brax will apply your default tracking code.


Many columns in this section allow you to select multiple options.  Make sure to separate entries with a ";". I'll let you know when you have to choose just one option by including the word or in bold. (Like that!)

Targeting Type

Like bid type, only make changes to this field if you are creating a new campaign. If cpc, choose "topic" or "brand". If cpv, choose "topic", "brand". To make an interest campaign, you will need to create this outside of the power editor.

Devices &  Operating System 

Accepted values are "Desktop", "Mobile", and/or "Tablet".  If you choose to target mobile or tablet, choose from "Android", "iOS", and/or "Windows". Any misspelled entries into "Device" will select all devices and OS's. Misspelled entries into OS won't be selected, and will produce no errors.

Geo-targeting & Include/Exclude Locations

To set Geo-targeting, type the name of the Geo's you want to target and select either "include" or "exclude". If not targeting, enter "all" in both categories.


Select languages to target. Otherwise, leave this blank. Any misspelled entries won't be added, and will produce no errors.

Start Date & End Date

Select the date you would like your campaign to begin. Leave "End Date" empty if you don't plan to have an end date.

Budget Type & Daily Budget 

Choice either "daily" or "unlimited". If "daily" was selected, enter your daily budget. Changing a budget to lower than the current spend will cause an error.


This is a fairly new section, and we're pretty excited about it. You can now choose to exclude certain widgets right in the creation process! 

Exclude Low Volume Widgets

Select either "true" or "false". 

Include/Exclude Widgets

Select either "include" or "exclude".  Like Geos, we need to know if you want to "include" or "exclude" your targets.

Widget IDs

Enter the widget ID you'd like to target or block.

Next Steps

After you're done making adjustments, save your document as a .xlsx file and upload your changes. You'll see your file at the top of the recent changes list. If it says "Fail"  under "Summary", you have some errors to address. Download the log and see if they appear in the "Error" column. If it says "Pass", click upload to submit. You'll see a Job status of "Completed", "Failed", or "Failed with Errors". Click on the Job ID for more information. 

As you can see, the power editor is a a pretty powerful tool, designed to help you get the most out of your campaigns. If you still have questions, or if there's something we didn't cover, email

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