Bulk Upload Campaign Management

Click on Power Editor in the left menu. All file formats are in .xlsx and should be managed under this format.

  1. Select your Network. Choose the network which you'd like to manage campaigns

2) Download Campaigns by clicking the link on the Bulk upload page "Download Campaigns". This will give you a full list of campaigns to start from with examples using settings from current campaigns.

2) Make your edits. Either Update an existing campaign or Create a new one.

  • UPDATE: add the word "update" to the action column. If this field is left blank, the entire row will be ignored.
  • CREATE: to create a campaign using existing settings, add the word "create" to the action column. Remove the Campaign ID, Remove the Status, Rename it to a unique name and update the start time to a time in the future or remove it completely for immediate starts. Update your other settings accordingly.
  • NOTE: To target Geos on creation, enter ALL for All Geos, otherwise, please reuse the geos presented in the download. If you are unsure, create a campaign with the desired Geos first in the Brax interface, then download the file again.
  • Save the file when you're done.

3) Upload the file: Click on "Choose File" to import your campaign changes. It will run through a series of validations to ensure the proper configurations for each campaign have been used.

4) Passing Validation and Approving the Changes:

  • Brax will validate the fields to ensure the changes will pass.
  • If the validation does not pass, you will see "Fail" under the summary column and can download the file to fix the changes. Please follow step 3 after fixing the validation errors.
  • If validation passes, the summary column will display "PASS", and you will be able to then Upload your changes by selecting "Upload".

5) Reviewing the history: After a successful upload, you can review the status for each campaign with their updates made to the network by clicking the Job ID link.

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