Every traffic source is as unique as its users

 We've tailored our rules to to let you take advantage of each sources unique features. We've also updated our pages to use the same wording as the sources.

New automated rules for Revcontent  let you block widgets without the babysitting.

Revcontent has no limits on how many widgets you can block, so we've created an automated rule that lets you do just that. You can now automatically filter out the winning widgets from the rest. Set a rule such as [if spend >$10, & Clicks <10,  then block widget] to block underperforming widgets before they use up your traffic.

Now You're speaking my language

We've replaced all instances of "publisher" with "site" to reflect  Taboola.

We've replaced all instances of "publisher" with "widget" to reflect Revcontent. 

Changed table name  to "Sites to Update Bid", with Column names changing  from "Publisher Name" to "Site Name".

  1. Revcontent available "Topics" has been updated.
  2. Brax now updates all users data more frequently.
  3. We've updated our API documentation regarding new rule behavior 
  4. Calculated metrics can now use campaign bids

If you're new to rules, or if you need a refresher, check out our guides to running rules in brax: 

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