1. Gemini Publisher Reporting & Bid Modification by Site
    View Gemini (Yahoo/Oath) spend data by publisher from the campaign manager screen. This will show the data by publisher and device. From that same screen, you can modify your bid for certain publishers. Do note some publishers are simply marked as OTHER and do not allow modifications. See help for more details.
  2. Gemini Publisher Properties in Brax API
    The ability to request and import publisher spend data for Gemini is now accessible in the API.
  3. Push Data or Revenue to Brax via API
    Use the Brax API to import data.
  4. Update API docs: Data Import
    Updated the API docs to include this end point.
  5. Support Bread Crumbs on GA Metrics Pages
    Added bread crumbs to the Google Analytics metrics management page.
  6. Show Rule Logic on Hover of Name
    Hovering over a rule name shows the criteria of a rule so you no longer have to enter the rule to see its details.
  7. Prompt Disabling of Campaigns If Schedule Has Enable Scheduled
    If you disable a campaign manually and it contains a scheduled item to enable the campaign at a later time, you will be prompted to remove that schedule or else it is possible that campaign could be turned back on. Note that if you disable a campaign and have not checked its schedule, it is possible for it to be enabled automatically.
  8. Optimize Order of Rule Conditions Automatically
    Increased the optimization of the order of different conditions in rules to produce a shorter query for faster results.
  9. Taboola Campaigns in Bulk Editor Showing Numbers for Region Values
    It was discovered that bulk editing certain campaigns for Taboola in the Power Editor returned numbers instead of names for regions. This is due to a change by Taboola that occurred in their interface. If you are seeing values when using the Power Editor for Taboola instead of names, please contact Taboola to migrate those campaigns to their new tables. Brax is unable to address this issue.
  10. Pick Metrics (Columns) to Show When Running Rules
    It was requested by customer to be able to show specific columns in rules that are not part of the criteria. Because each criteria can use a different time span it was not a good experience to simply add the ability to show columns. To do this simply select the column you want to see as criteria and set it to an amount that will always be met. E.g. Publisher Click less than 100,000,000. This will expose the publisher clicks column.
  11. Add Last Sync Time Stamps to Bottom of Rules Preview Screen
    The last sync time stamps show the time when we requested the latest information from each source. It is NOT the time stamp for the most recent piece of information we have. E.g. If we last updated 4:04 PM, this does not mean we have data up till 4:04 PM. It is possible that data is only till 3:00PM as each source releases their hourly data into the API within different periods. For this reason we decided to only keep this time stamp at the bottom of performance reports.
  12. See the Account Name / Company Name Fields on the List of Integrated Accounts
    There is not other company name or account name available in the API that would give an differentiating identifier so this was not possible to complete.
  13. Block Taboola Sites Rule Missing Results
    It was thought that some results were missing specific sites that met the criteria, it was researched that this was not the case. If criteria is missing it is because that site is already blocked or the time spans for which you are running the rule data and look at performance could be different.
  14. Add  Link to Help/Support Next to Top Right Email Menu
    A link in the top right to help you find these beautiful help docs!
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