1. Outbrain bid by section - New Feature
    You can now bid on Outbrain by section under the Campaigns Manager screen under the Sections tab. Additionally a rule was added to allow you to mass update section bids.
  2. Hide Campaigns - Improvement
    A hide button has been added to the right of the edit pencil icon in the Campaign Performance screen. Also a check box was added to the right of the filters in the Campaign Performance screen. See Hide Campaigns function in the help docs for more details on its functionality.
  3. Associate Ads using Sources' Ad ID  - Improvement
    Ads can now be match to Google Analytics, Voluum, and Imported Metrics data using the source (vendor) ad ID (in addition to the Brax ad ID).
  4. Dashboard Accounts spend at a glance - New Feature
    The dashboard has been changed to be a summary of spend by network and by account.
  5. Add GA Last Sync to Accounts list - New Feature
    The time Google Analytics data has been imported has been added to the bottom of the time stamps at the bottom of reports.
  6. Expose Vendor IDs in Performance Reports  & Campaign Tabs - Improvement
    The IDs for sources (vendors) have been exposed for Ads, Publishers, Sections, and Targets in each tab for the related networks.
  7. Include Vendor Campaign ID in UI on Campaign Performance Table - ImprovementThe source (vendor) campaign ID is now exposed on the campaign performance table. This is also searchable via the ajax search in the top right of the table.
  8. Add Outbrain OEN Network Option To Edit  Campaign Screen - Improvement
    The ability to disable the Outbrain Extended Network has been added to the Outbrain New/Edit Campaign Screens.
  9. Add "Date Added" Column to Content (Ad) Report - Improvement
    A column was added to the Content Tab (Ads) of the Campaign Manager screen that shows when ads were created. For Outbrain, Content.Ad, and Gemini, this value is retrieved via their APIs. For Taboola and Revcontent, this value will only be set if the ads are created through Brax.
  10. Increase comment limit of white list / comment box of Taboola - New Feature
    A customer request was made to increase the limit from 2000 characters to 4000. The current API limit is 2000, this was not possible to complete.
  11. Publisher Data Export returns HTML - Bug
    The publisher report export feature produced HTML when timing out. This has been fixed.
  12. Publisher Report Export Timing Out - Improvement
    4 optimizations were created for this improvement:
    A. Optimized publisher export by removing unnecessary loops & columns (helps prevent Out Of Memory exceptions)
    B. Publisher performance export is now sent via email instead of downloaded (helps prevent Request Timed Out exceptions)
    C. The publisher, section, & ad queries are now limited to the top 100,000 records (priority is determined by sorting, in descending order, by cost, then by clicks, then by conversions, and finally by impressions)
    D. Job that creates the emailed reports will write 5,000 records at a time to the S3 file.
  13. Creating Content.Ad blacklists not working - Bug
    Bug has been fixed.
  14. Vendor Filter Ignored on Pause Ads Rule - Bug
    In some cases when selecting a specific source to apply rules to, the source filter was being ignored. Bug fixed.
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