1. Bulk Upload Revcontent (Power Editor)
    You can now create campaigns for Revcontent using a spreadsheet.
  2. Specify Exact Taboola Site Bid & Outbrain Section Bid
    Modify the bids for Taboola sites and Outbrain sections by a specific number instead of suggested amounts. This also applies to any rules that modify these settings. E.g. Previously you had to select -50%, -40%, -30%.... etc. Now you can simply type the amount in.
  3. Enable/Disable campaigns with Brax API
    Please see API documentation for detail.
  4. Filter rules by search
    A filter search box was placed in the top right corner of the rules list screen.
  5. Match on Vendor Campaign ID in matching process
    You can now pass in the campaign ID instead of the name for Brax matching process.
  6. Add total row to data tables
    A row for totals the of each column was added to the reporting console. This can be triggered on or off using a check box. For spend data this will calculate both the sum and average of metrics. For imported data, it will only calculate the sum.
  7. Add top scrollbar to performance data tables
    You can now scroll left and right (horizontal) on the top of the performance table in all reports.
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