Create and run Rules to optimize your Campaigns based on the criteria you chose. Rules consist of an Action and Criteria. Actions are what you want to occur if the Criteria you set is met. To setup a new rule, click on Rules on the left panel to open the page:

From the Rules page, you can:

  • Create new Rules
  • Edit Existing Rules
  • Run Rules
  • View Rule History

To create a new Rule, click on New Rule, and select the Action you would like to set it for.

From the New Rule page, set the criteria you wish the rule to meet before performing the action. For example:

If Campaign Spend > than 100.00

And Publisher CPA > than 40.00

Using Last 7 day

Once you have finished entering your criteria, click Save.

Note: Clicking Run will not apply your rule!

Click Run to see a Preview of which campaigns would be affected by the rule. After reviewing which Publishers, Campaigns, Ads etc…would be affected, click Confirm to run the Rule.

You can see a history of when the rule was run below in Rule History on the rules page, as well as from the Campaign Manager to see which rules have been run for the specific Campaign.

If you are interested in running rules automatically, you can create automation via our API. See this blog post doe details:

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