Choosing the right traffic can be the difference between a campaign that takes off like a rocket, or one that comes crashing down to earth. Targeting lists are a great way to keep track of what's working well, and what's working... not so well. You can keep any number of lists and apply them to your campaigns to give them the best chance for success. Now that we know how important a good targeting list is, let's take a look at how they work.

Creating & Managing Lists

Making Your First List

Let's start by clicking "Targeting Lists" in the sidebar. Hit the "New List" button to start your first list. Use a name that helps you remember if this is an include or an exclude list. Notice that when you create a list, you can add sites by searching for them. Don't worry if you can't remember all the sites you want to add. There's another way to add to your list.

Adding to lists

Open up a Taboola campaign that has seen some traffic. In the "Sites" tab, select any sites that you want to add to a targeting list. Look for the "+" button in at the top of the play/pause column.  This button brings up a window with your selected sites ready to be added to a list. Simply select the lists you would like to add them to, and hit "Save"

Managing Lists

Now that you've added a few sites to your lists, you can view them on the "Targeting lists" page. Here you'll see all the lists you've created, as well as some options to explore. Clicking a list will display what's on it. You can also edit, export, duplicate, and delete lists on this page.

Applying Lists to a Campaign

Using an Exclude List

Time to put your lists to work! When creating or editing a campaign, select the lists you want to use. Once selected, apply your lists to add them into the "blocked publishers" box. If you make a mistake, simply use the "Clear" button, and apply again. Note that the Clear button will remove all blocked sites, including sites not in your lists.

Using an Include List

You can send an exported list to your account manager to use as a whitelist. You can also paste it into the comments of a campaign with instructions.

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